The Best Butt Leg Workout

The Best Butt and Leg Workout tones and tightens the lower body in less than 30 minutes. Make this your leg routine for eight weeks and see results!

I have been working in the fitness industry for 15 years, teaching group fitness for 12 years, personal training for six years, and this is the best butt and leg workout I have ever done. It takes a lot for me to be sore the next day or, better yet, two days later. This indicates delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which in turn indicates that a muscle has been totally toasted.

Basically, muscles have to be broken down in order for them to get the idea that they're supposed to come back stronger and leaner. It's hard to "feel it" when you are a seasoned weight-lifter, but this one is quick and mean! Variety is essential to keeping your muscles guessing. Muscles that have grown accustomed to the same old workout may have a lot of endurance, but they won't burn as much and they won't grow as much,

The exercises in this butt and leg workout demonstrate how you need to throw your body a curve ball every two to three months. When you mix up your team, insert new players, or pull a double play, you will see the definition and strength gains you want.

You may want to hire a personal trainer the first time you go through this routine to make sure you are doing it correctly. The best butt and leg workout requires the following professional weight equipment: Smith Rack machine, prone leg curl machine, barbells, and a leg press or calf machine.

Before you start lifting, warm up for five minutes on the rower, or go for a light 5-minute jog or brisk walk on the treadmill. Because current research is showing that stretching too deeply before lifting weights has adverse effects on muscle contractions, save your stretching for the end of each set. If you are not familiar with the above-mentioned equipment, ask a trainer to help you. If you are not sure what weight to start with, stay very light for the first couple of workouts and gradually add more.

Start with reverse lunges on the Smith Rack. Position yourself under the bar with your feet shoulder-width apart and way out in front of you. As you step back into a lunge, your hips should be under the bar, your core should be tight, and your back should feel neutral. Your front knee shouldn't wobble, and it should go the same way as your front toes. If you feel shaky, you need to reduce the weight-load. If you step back into the first lunge, and you feel like your are leaning forward, then reposition your feet further forward. The proper start position for reverse lunges on the Smith Rack makes you look like you are leaning backward into the bar. Do one set of 30 reverse lunges, alternating feet so that you do 15 on each leg. Inhale as you step back, and exhale as your step forward. When the set is over, notch the bar into place and go right into straight-leg dead lifts.

Do not rest between the reverse lunges and dead lifts. As soon as you untangle yourself from the Smith Rack, go grab a barbell and stand with your feet wide again. Hold the barbell evenly in both hands so that your thumbs are nestled in the space between the bar and your thigh. Keep your chest up and stick your butt out behind you as you hinge at the hips and lean forward, looking into your own eyes. Keep your shoulder blades together as if trying to squash a ripe banana between your scapulae. Inhale as you slide the bar down your thighs. Do not bend any lower than the point where your back is still completely straight and you're feeling a slight stretch in your hamstrings. As soon as you feel that stretch and before your back loses neutral position, exhale and slowly stand tall. Keep your knees straight but unlocked the whole time.

Rest for a full minutes after you are done with the straight-leg dead lifts. Go get a drink of water. Make notes on your chart. Take some deep breaths. When that minute is up, do another super set starting with the Smith Rack and then right into dead lifts again. Try for a total of three sets with just the one minute of rest. Then it's time to move onto the next bit of nastiness.

Most of us have done a million leg curls in our weight-lifting lives, but perhaps you've never tried them like this. If your hamstrings were quivering after the first half of this workout, they will be shrieking after this. Lay face-down on the prone leg curl machine. Select a weight that leaves room for a drop-set which will have you reducing (dropping) the weight in the middle of each set. These are called lifting leg curls, but don't worry, you will be allowed a full rest with no other exercises between sets on this machine.

Start by curling the weight like normal toward your fanny, and then try to lift your thighs slightly off the bench. Lower your thighs back down before uncurling your legs completely. If the roll bar on the machine doesn't work, you won't need to worry about shaving your legs anytime soon. Be careful to flex your butt and not arch your back. Dig your hips into the bench and aim for 10 to 12 lifting leg curls. Then reduce your weight by 10 to 20 pounds and do 15 more repetitions. If your load is too much to maintain good form, be honest and start smaller. Rest for one minute, walk around, get some water, and repeat two more times.

If you still have anything left in you, finish the game with some calf raises on the leg press machine or any other calf machine of your choosing. If you are doing upper body the same day, you can incorporate either your chest or back work as an active rest between the best butt and leg workout sets.

For example, do a set of bench presses, then start your calves. Then bench, calves, bench, calves, and then onto lat-pulls and triceps (lat-pulls, triceps, and so on and so forth...) Active resting means you are resting one muscle group while working a completely different group. Do the best butt and leg workout at least twice per week, three times if you want to see real change.


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