You Might Need Some Personal Training Classes if You

Laugh along with this fun, redneck-style look at why you might need a personal trainer. Hiring a personal trainer to tone, tighten or shape your muscles can be a fun process.

If only three weight machines at your club have your fanny's indent on their seats, it might be time to hire for some personal trainer classes. If club members know your workout pattern better than their own - because it NEVER changes - it might be time for you to hire a personal trainer. If you look like the Pillsbury dough-boy even though you exercise five days a week, you can scratch the “might need,” because you definitely need some personal training classes.

If you talk like a weight lifter and walk like a weight lifter, but you don't look anything like a weight lifter, you might need some personal training. Knowing when to hire a personal trainer means the difference between the life and death of your workout. Workouts that never change will cease to do you any good. So if your tweets about your twips to the gym always read the same, it's time to hire a trainer who will bust your gut, tone your trundle. and knock some nutrition into your diet.

Decide what your goals are and set out to find a professional with personal training classes who can work you toward those goals. If you want to get into bodybuilding, hire a personal trainer who specializes in definition and mass. If you want to lose some serious weight, find someone who has a proven track record, who knows how to personal train obese individuals. If you are an athlete, your fitness trainer should understand your sport. If you want to get back in shape after pregnancy, hire a knowledgable post-natal fitness trainer. If you like boot camps, look for personal training classes that would be fun for you and a couple of your friends.

Group training sessions save money. Going in with your workout buddies on the cost of a personal trainer will benefit you, your buddies and your budget. A personal trainer might charge $75 per hour for individual appointments but only $100 for sessions with two or more clients. Friends and couples who exercise and play together, stay together. Figure out how much you can afford to pay for personal trainer classes, and figure out how to make it happen.

Picking the right personal trainer should not be a hasty decision. Ask your friends for recommendations, and don't limit yourself to what your club offers. Narrow down your pool of choices based on experience, feedback from past clients, price, services offered, and even gender. If you don't feel comfortable being trained by a man or a woman, that's okay! Personal training is not the time to worry about gender bias. Be polite about it, but know your comfort zone so you can open up and communicate your needs to someone you trust.

Interview potential personal trainers and request a free consultation. Use that free time to assess their body language, personality, qualifications, and whether or not you "click" with him or her. If he or she expresses skepticism about your goals, puts you down, uses inappropriate language, touches you in unnecessary ways, or simply makes you feel uncomfortable then move on to the next interview. It is crucial that you find someone you can trust to lead you to success.

So if your favorite treadmill at the club has a sign honoring your name, and you aren't dead yet, you might need some personal training classes. If you have more injuries than muscles, or if you pull your chart out of the file cabinet and the date says 1978, you need to hire a personal trainer.


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